Interview with FlyInStyle’s CEO: Flight Plan for a Successful American Airline Hackathon

Simplify Commerce

Amanda Anthony, Founder & CEO of FlyInStyle, sat down with us to discuss the startup’s wearable app, which won the MasterCard “Best of Use” award in the American Airlines wearable tech hackathon. Additional FlyInStyle team members include Bill Wallace, senior iOS developer with Mobiquity; Philippe Furlan, CTO, founder and connected experience architect at Dexperio, and Brett Shaughnessy, a software engineer with extensive experience in digital hardware design and semiconductor process engineering.FlyInStyle appSimplify Commerce:  Thanks for sitting down with us to talk about your wearable app. We would love to start off by hearing why your team got interested in the wearable technology event?

FlyInStyle: Our primary interest in the event was the network of sponsors in the travel space.  Many of these companies are strategic partner targets for us for our user acquisition strategy. Others are targets for improving our functionality.  We were informed of the event and…

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