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FlyInStyle Beta is Starting Soon…Boy, Have We Been Busy!!

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Long time no talk! Lots happening the last few months….all good stuff! FlyInStyle is starting beta testing very soon. We have been very busy, with many new team members, advisors and supporters getting us to where we are today.

Let’s start at the beginning: here’s what we are all about:

FlyInStyle is all your airport entertainment director + a personal travel assistant in one landing! FlyInStyle is a travel app for iOS and Android to help you find things to do at the airport like instant deals, new product launches, happy hours & more.

Travelers are spending A LOT of money in airports these days….yet while airports are trying to bring innovation, the travel experience still feels like a chore.Whether you’re a business traveler, a tourist, a parent, or just a plain bored frustrated human, FlyInStyle

 will allow you to customize your preferences to uncover exciting offers at the airport to not only pass the time, but look forward to it! FlyInStyle is the ONLY airport specific global shopping & deal app.  Your trip should be fun AT CHECK-IN!

We have had some great opportunities to pitch in the Miami community at startup events and were chosen to participate in some pretty awesome programs.

FlyInStyle was accepted into the Venture Hive Accelerator community program in Miami, which ended in April 2013.  We were also selected as on of the 10 companies to compete in Miami at Startup World, where we received fantastic press and feedback.

The team has grown quite a bit too!

We have Katherine Sleipnes leading our business development efforts, Phil Riveron leading our finance efforts, and most recently Gillian Davidson jumped on board to lead our brand and marketing strategy development!  Jennifer Cajina and Ashley Sholtis are our marketing and PR gurus (and they do a little of whatever we need help with too).  We have a great team in place on the development side with our new tech partner, 4Eyes, who came on in June.

We have had some fantastic technology interns too.  Scott Schretzenmaier, a senior from University of Pittsburgh worked with us from February-June to get our dataset cleaned up and ready for launch.  We also formed a strategic partnership with Miami Dade College (MDC), thanks to our mentor Miguel Alonso Jr.  MDC professor, Jack Lusby, led integrated coursework in Spring 2013 semester is his Android I class, which helped to identify several top talent developers to come on for a summer internship to build an Android version of the FlyInStyle app: Patrick Helmus, Mario Thomas and Ronald Concepcion.

We are also very grateful to have several fantastic advisors and many many many mentors & friend who have given us countless hours for which we are VERY thankful.  Most notably Jon Mayer has been helping us to prepare our financials and Shawn Venkat has given much support in operations, marketing, advice, social media, and much more.  Mark Neppl has also been helping to prepare us  to work with big travel companies down the road.  We couldn’t be here today without all the support around FlyInStyle and for that we are very grateful!

We are preparing now for closed beta test, which will begin very soon.  We are looking for people who travel frequently through airports to beta test our app.  Please drop us a line at if you are interested in being a beta tester for us or fill in the form below.

Check out our landing page at and let’s stay in touch on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, instagram and Google Plus. If you are a merchant or investor, you might want to also fly with us on our Twitter business profile and our Linked In company page.  More news to come VERY soon!

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